Digital marketing is often far more complicated than it really needs to be. This is particularly true for SEO. Today, basically all you need to do for SEO is this: just create relevant content on your website that speaks to your subject matter, and the search engines will find it. It’s really not much more than that.

Still, the massive SEO marketing economy continues to thrive, often with reckless abandon. Dubious, self-proclaimed experts “guarantee” first-page search results with Google, preach that hiring an army of SEO consultants is absolutely indispensable, and encourage an array of less-than-ethical content creation hacks to try and game the system.

Search engine providers have devoted years of technological development to make their products friendly and beneficial to us, so that we can focus on creating content of value, and they can help us better reach out to our customers. Trust them, take a little time to familiarize yourself with the basics of SEO, and you should be just fine. Don’t let anyone scare you into believing otherwise.

I’ve previously stated my admiration for Buffer, a small but nimble social media marketing management company. Buffer has been very successful, profitable, and self-sustaining without the crutch of venture capital. Similarly, Mailchimp is a small, bootstrapped (self-capitalized) email marketing services entity, reportedly on track to $700 million revenue in 2019 (!).

Now, Mailchimp is expanding beyond email, offering a complete marketing platform for small to medium-sized businesses – and attractive pricing options to match. The appeal should be in the form of easy access to essential digital marketing services and functions, avoiding the need for a comprehensive marketing automation platform that would be overkill for small business needs.

In this age of booming tech startups, it’s mainly about raising big, burning big, and hoping for a big exit in the end (when the vast majority crash and burn). Seeing a company like Mailchimp flourish on its own and operate in the black, with a small staff and no outside funding, is always refreshing.


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