An essential ingredient of effective marketing is intimate knowledge of the product or service being marketed.

That may seem like an overly obvious statement. But you’d be amazed at the reality, considering that there are many examples out there of mediocre or poorly executed marketing.

Marketing is about creating awareness through messaging and content. To accomplish this successfully, you need to thoroughly understand what it is that you’re promoting. If you try to market without comfortable knowledge of the product or service, then your success will very likely be inhibited.

Some products are easy to comprehend in terms of their nature and significance. Others are much more complex, such as technology-oriented products. There may be a certain level of understanding that can only be accomplished through sufficient research and knowledge-seeking.

When working with tech-centric products, it’s very important to have at least some awareness of the nature of the product, how it generally functions, how it ties to the business, and most importantly, how a customer would benefit from the product.

In other words, you need to do whatever it takes to be comfortable with what you’re marketing. You have to willing to take deep dives to learn more, acquire perspective, and seek greater intuition.

A process of learning more about a product or service may include the following:

  • Cursory research through Google searches and Wikipedia entries
  • Reviewing the company’s existing information and marketing content
  • Examining the same content from a competitor
  • Diving into white papers, eBooks, technical guides, videos, Webinars, and other resources
  • Taking one or more online tutorials on a relevant subject matter
  • Convening with subject matter experts to seek answers and insight

In the end, marketing is a form of storytelling. How can you possibly be expected to do this well if you don’t know what you’re working with?

Many marketing professionals believe that social media, SEO, marketing automation, Web and app analytics, and copywriting are what define marketing. That’s only partially true. They, along with design and other related skillsets, are essential but won’t result in successful marketing if you don’t know how to communicate to your customers and tell the story to them.

That is exactly why it’s so important to be fully aware of the product, the business, the customer, and how they all tie together. Knowledge is power in everything – including marketing.