This simple email is an incredible example of empathy

Take a look at this message I received from Moment, an online retailer known for its accessories for smartphone cameras.

Email from Moment (

It’s a standout as a rare form of empathy.

We all know that the lead-up to Mother’s Day is a marketing bonanza of emails with specials and promotions. But Mother’s Day and Father’s Day very often are difficult for those of us who have lost loved ones.

For years, empathy has been a hot topic of discussion among UX and other working professionals. It’s also highly touted as one of the must-haves in a personal arsenal of essential soft skills.

But nothing really speaks more to empathy than putting it to practice.

And unfortunately, marketing initiatives too often omit the need to respect personal sentiments.

If a business can’t resist the need to blast out email promotions related to Mother’s and Father’s Days, then perhaps it might be advisable to incorporate a courteous message that acknowledges the difficulty some may be experiencing this time of year.

The message sent by Moment isn’t just a excellent example of being empathetic. It should also serve as a reminder for all of us to do our best in considering the feelings of others.

It’s something I continually aim to improve upon, each and every day.