Developing rather than creating

I’ve been out of action with blogging or creating videos over the past month and a half. But it’s not that I’ve been sitting out completely.

I just decided I really wanted to tackle some web development projects I’ve been thinking about for quite some time.

One of them is an app that automates the creation of a social media card which accompanies posts shared on Twitter or LinkedIn. You can see the card above.

The image is auto-generated by JavaScript and just pulls in the title from the blog post. Before creating this app, I would have to create the artwork manually in Photoshop, then export it as an image and upload to my blog site.

Now I’ve created a formidable time-saver that I hope will be a motivator to publish more frequently (without having to think about the extra process of going into Photoshop).

I’ll get into the inner workings of this app, and talk about my other web development projects in forthcoming articles.

I have to say it’s great to get yourself into your own, personal web development projects. For one, you learn a heck of a lot of new things that can pay dividends down the line for your profession or growing your business.

You can choose the project you want to tackle, to make yourself more productive, or improve the look or functionality of your website or app.

Many others create apps for others, often as a nicely paying side hustle.

It’s never too late to jump into web development. The decision is totally up to you.