Quiet hiring is the new creativity

It’s early 2023, and there is already a new buzzword in the workplace: quiet hiring.

It’s a term coined by Gartner that refers to companies gaining more productivity without hiring new people.

Quiet hiring may mean outsourcing to contractors. However, it’s more closely associated with workers assuming new or expanded roles, going beyond their normal duties to assist with other projects, teams, and even departments.

An interesting article on CNBC refers to quiet hiring as “a new workplace phenomenon.” It’s a trend that’s growing because of the realities of today.

  • Companies have struggled to find more workers to help meet their growing business needs.
  • But now, with economic uncertainty, companies are slowing down or freezing their hiring.
  • Despite the cutbacks, business productivity needs are greater than ever.

So what’s a company to do under these circumstances?

Enter quiet hiring.

Part of a new trend in workforce creativity

At one point or another, we’ve all been asked to “be creative” in taking on more tasks without asking the company for more resources.

So in this context, quiet hiring isn’t really new.

What is new, however, is engaging workforce creativity as company strategy to increase its activity, while avoiding the expense of recruiting new people.

Possibly a new baseline for workers

As companies continue to use quiet hiring, this could even establish a new baseline for workers trying to land a new job, or get a promotion, or even be protected from company-mandated layoffs.

Basically, your qualification could not only be your ability to perform for your job, but also additional capabilities that could be valuable for taking on additional responsibilities.

It all comes back to upskilling

For at least a decade, I’ve been passionate about investing in yourself to gain or improve on your skills and knowledge.

I’ve been blogging and making videos about the value of learning new things, and I’ll certainly continue to do so throughout 2023.

Upskilling gives you the potential opportunity to take on exciting new projects and work with new teams, both which can be refreshing and rewarding at the same time. In turn, you’ll get recognition for helping fulfill your company’s business needs.

Engaging your newfound capabilities and taking advantage of quiet hiring can even lead to a pay raise or promotion.