Uncertainty may be the perfect time to seek a new opportunity

Conventional wisdom says that in times of economic uncertainty, it’s too risky to try something new.

The thinking is that if things are going well with you right now, better to stay put and be safe. This can apply to your work, or your business.

I’ll focus on the former in this blog post.

For whatever reason, I thought about this unwritten rule on a recent night.

And that’s when I came to the thinking that the exact opposite may in fact be true.

The thought of seeking a career opportunity may sound ludicrous in times like now, when a recession may be looming.

And yet, this actually can make sense.

If you reach out to companies and prospective employers during a period of layoffs and hiring freezes, the vast majority won’t get back to you.

But for the few that do, there is the possibility they’re actually thriving, and maybe even on a significant growth spurt.

They could be bucking the trend of all the other companies out there that are restructuring, that over-hired during the pandemic, or otherwise are facing financial challenges.

Basically, if a company responds favorably in a time of economic concern, there is a chance they’re healthy and are open to expanding their workforce.

It’s much easier to spot this now, than, say 2021-2022 when it absolutely crazy, jobs were available everywhere, and businesses were spending like drunken sailors.

If you want to give it a go, the key is to be creative. Think of ways to reach out to companies rather than just looking for job openings.

Find ways to engage and grow your professional network. Think of your personal branding and how you can use it to your advantage.

By putting yourself out there, you may dig up a key opportunity that may not be out in the open. It may not even exist without your efforts.

There may be a company out there with plans to expand but they haven’t yet been defined or implemented. That is a potential opportunity for someone to engage.

One food for thought. Many well-known tech companies were in their budding years during the global financial crisis of 2008 to 2010.