It’s time for a personal brand review

When it comes to defining who you are, what you do, and what you value, there is nothing better than communicating them through your personal brand.

I have spent years building and maintaining my own personal branding, primarily through my website, blog, and videos on YouTube.

Most of us think our resumé, and perhaps activity on LinkedIn define our personal brand, but I don’t believe they’re sufficient anymore. After all, everyone has a resume, and all of us have a presence on LinkedIn. So what?

You need to find other ways of projecting yourself, and maybe even be inventive. This is often achieved by crafting content that helps others better know who you are.

The months of July and August are usually when I do an annual review and update of the content related to my personal brand.

However, for 2022, I skipped out on this, to put greater priority on several web development projects I had been wanting to accomplish for years.

(I’m happy to say that I was indeed able to complete them in 2022, fulfilling some longtime ambitions and gaining new knowledge along the way.)

So now, in early 2023, I’m finding myself reinvigorated again to review and revise aspects of my personal brand. It’s being driven by some personal reasons and new goals I want to achieve in 2023.

Through my blog, I’d like to update and share the specifics on what I’ve been doing to revise aspects of my brand content, which include the following:

  • Resumé (I always tackle this first)
  • Portfolio
  • Homepage – which serves as my “About Me” page
  • Intro video, available on the homepage
  • Business card
  • Cover image for my social media profiles

I’m not wanting to show myself off (something I don’t really like to do). Rather, I would like to share, with hopes that this might spark a little motivation for others to start thinking about creating their personal branding.