Don’t fall into the YouTube camera review trap

YouTube is possibly the very best resource if you’re wanting to do research for your upcoming camera purchase.

Reviews of cameras on YouTube are highly detailed, in-depth, and educational. In general, there is a lot of great info you can get out of them, and the video presentations let you learn about cameras more efficiently than reading through articles.

But there is also a pitfall in relying on these videos to help you decide on a camera to buy.

This is especially the case for those of you looking into starting your video content creation journey. (I previously recommended that an entry-level camera would be ideal for a beginner.)

Or people like me, who are casual, occasional video creators just wanting a nice, but not too fancy camera.

The “YouTube camera review trap” can make you believe you should buy a much better (and considerably more expensive) camera than you really need.

I offer further explanation below, on-camera. Enjoy!