What really complicates web development?

It’s very common knowledge that web development today is far more complicated than ever before. That’s largely attributed to the fact that we’re creating not only websites, but web applications that do far more than communicate information, or entertain.

Marketing can’t save bad products

This year, I encountered three different presentations on marketing in three different conferences, with a common refrain among them.

Let’s dispense with stock artwork

All over the web and social media these days, an article, blog post, or any other written content is accompanied by an image. Specifically, a stock photo or graphic.

The allure of WordCamps

I’ve attended four WordCamps in 12 months. They’re absolutely fantastic, and I would participate in many more of them if I could.

Yes, it’s web scraping

Web scraping is the automated practice of extracting data from websites. Most often, it’s associated with personal information, including names and contact details, with the intent of benefiting in some way from them.

Do curiosity and critical thinking matter?

We all have a natural tendency to assess the abilities of others through tangible, easily identifiable skills. They define your precise capabilities, and are explicitly documented in a resume and a job posting.

Good marketing is about deep dives

An essential ingredient of effective marketing is intimate knowledge of the product or service being marketed.